Sunday, 14 September 2008

Kirrie rocks our world

Ellis and me met Phil at the camera obscura in Kirriemuir today, with the hope of venturing up Glen Clova for what may be the last mountain day of the year. Despite gorgeous weather in Dundee, it was cloudy in Kirrie when we arrived, and the clouds were thicker and damper the further North we looked, so we settled for some bolt clipping in the local quarry.

The sun appeared as we made out way down the hill, and we were greeted by a quarry full of other climbers. Never before had i seen it so bloody busy! We made our way round to the main wall, and despite all three of us having the guidebook, none of us had throught to bring it, so we just threw ourselves at a few routes.

Looking back, it seems we managed (not very cleanly or with any grace) a fe 6bs, managing to work our way through any problems we encounterd, mostly through siege warfare, and because of our desire not to leave gear behind!

All in all a wondeful day, with loads of people out enjoying the sun, in what seems to be a reasonable September. Hope it holds out a bit longer, i want another long hard route before i dust off my axes and crampons.


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