Tuesday, 11 November 2008

AVW winter bouldering league, round 1

Fri 24th Oct 2008

Averticalworld, Dundee

Friday saw us heading indoors for the first session of the annual AVW winter bouldering league. Normally a fun event, Dave P persuaded me to enter the Men's hard comp, which i had chosen to resist for the last two years. Despite this, we were all looking forward to a good night.

We met many familiar faces that night, and cranked out some hard moves, yet failed on some not so hard moves. Such is life.

I got talking to a really friendly new girl who seems to be working at the wall, who's name turned out to be Erica (or was it Erin ;o). She is from Canada, and is spending a year in Dundee on a creative writing course at Dundee Uni. Going by some of my wandering blogs from the past, i could teach her a thing or two about creative writing.

Anyway, the night was over far too soon, and we all headed off to the pub, where a large group of us congregated for the post boulder comp bash. Well over 30 people made it back to the Globe, so a great night was had spinning the shit about stuff we had, and stuff we want to do.

As for results, Dave P beat me by one bloody point (199), but hey, I beat Alan by one point (197), so next time i am aiming firmly for 200+ points in the hard comp! Just hope my fingers have recovered by then...

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