Tuesday, 27 May 2008

More North East Adventures...

20th May 2008.

More North East Adventures...

I was on chauffeur duty tonight, picking up Ellis, Phil, and Sonya and her Daughter Rebecca, and headed up to Black Rock Gulch, on the North East coast just south of Aberdeen (200m North of Souterhead in the last post)

Facing SW, the crags at Black Rock Gulch are great for begginers, offering a number of easier climbs, with one or two harder routes to challenge braver climbers.

Phil and Ellis climbed Mellow Yellow (Sev), Yellow Edge (Sev) and Windy Ledge (VDiff)

Sonya, Rebbeca and I climbed as a three, with Me leading Mellow Yellow (Sev), and Astra (VDiff, stiff!), and Sonya leading Windy Ledge (VDiff). Rebecca did fantastically, seconding all three routes with little difficulty.

I will be back to smash out Yellow Edge and Yellow Diedre (Both Sev)

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