Tuesday, 27 May 2008

North East Adventures

17th May 2008

An early start, saw Ellis, Phil, Neil and I head up to the North East coastline for a day of short trad routes in the company of local trad afficianado, Amanda Lyons, along with climbing partners, Heidi, Alan and Gary.

Under a bright sun, but cool Easterly Breeze, we dispatched a number of easy routes on the popular Souterhead, before lighting the first barbeque of the year. Burgers and sausages (cooked by my fair hand!) went down a treat, and were followed by a healthy (or should i say unhealthy) batch of cream cakes (thanks Neil!!!)

Phil and Ellis dispatched Puffin's Perch (Mod), Puffin Wall (VDiff), Puffin Overhang (Sev), Overhang Crack (Sev), and one of the easy Vdiffs in the southern gully

Neil was just getting used to being back on to real rock, so we took it easy and smashed out Puffin's Perch (Mod), Puffin Wall (VDiff), Puffin Wall (Diff), Overhang Crack (Sev) and Styx (V Diff).

All in all a great day, only brought down by us having to leave early for a previous engagement.

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