Thursday, 3 July 2008

Humbled at legaston.


Dave, Ewan and I made our way to legaston quarry on tuesday night, with the prospect of some interesting climbs, and a change from Kirrie Hill.

First thing we noticed was the rubbish that has been strategically dumped by the farmer, making the walk into the quarry a bit of a scramble. Not very welcoming!

Anyway, we got geared up and spent 5 minutes deciding what route to start on. Dave chose between the lines (5+)

He lead on up the route, only to get stuck under the prominent overhang. Try and try, but he was unable to get through the crux, his temper fraying by the minute. I took over and made it to the crux, only to realise why it was so hard. After 3 or 4 attempts, i managed to inch my way through the crux and up to the top.

It was only when another climber explained that it wasn't in fact the 5+ route we thought it was, instead being Junk man blues (a hard 6a+). Relief for daves ego... Ewan gave it a go and was impressed with how hard the climbing at leggy actually was (being a legaston virgin!)

The rest of the night was spent trying easier routes, only to realise that Dave's regular attendance at kirrie, and my regular tradding, had dulled our sport climbing abilities, and that once again, Legaston had taught us a salutary lesson.

Don't get comfy, it dulls your ability!

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