Friday, 13 June 2008

Pushing hard indoors, stamina and strength improving

Tuesday 10th June 2008

Headed indoors as i arrived back to Dundee late on Tuesday.

Caught up with close friend Jodi, and we decided to lead on the 'Church' wall (steep overhanging).

I was right in the mood, so threw myself at a number of hard routes, and cleaned a 6a+ as a warm up, then a batch of 6b+s, followed by two lovely 6c's.

Arms pumping, i thought the night was almost over, but something drew me to a new route on the overhang, with the route card indicating 7a. What was i thinking?

A quick encouraging word from Jodi, and i was onto the strenuous start. Fighting my way through the 2nd clip, i was realising why it was 7a and not 6c+. Moving up, i bagged the 3rd clip, and continued through to the fourth, but my stamina had abandoned me. Arms pumped, and a technical move forced me off.

With some more resolve (and a few choice words to myself), i worked my way up the remaining 3 clips and was lowered off in a state of euphoria. WOW!!! what an amazing climb.

I will be back, and i know i can clean it!!!

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